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A confirmation by phone is required by law before any account information is changed. A Jordan Credit Union representative will be contacting you during regular business hours via the phone number listed on your account.If you have any questions or if your phone number has changed, please contact us at (801) 566-4195.

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Todays Best Rates

Type F/V Term APR
≤75,000 miles Fixed 4 Years 2.70%*
≤75,000 miles Fixed 5 Years 2.90%*
>75,000 miles Fixed 5 Years 3.25%*
Type F/V Annual Fee APR
Platinum Variable None 7.90%*
Preferred Variable None 11.5%*
Classic Variable None 12.5%*
Savings F/V Term APY
CD Fixed 5 Years 1.81%*
Money Market Variable n/a 0.20%*
IRA Variable n/a 0.25%*
Rates Effective March 1, 2013
*Rates subject to change. On approved credit.
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